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WinStar River Poker series Main Event in full swing

WinStar River Poker series Main Event in full swing Kessler would make it to 89th place before being eliminated for $4,460. Wang followed shortly after in 79th for $4,480, while Spinella and Greenblatt stuck around a little longer. Spinella took $6,280 with his 48th-place finish and Greenblatt exited in 41st for $6,980. Wendy Freedman, who took first in the $365 NLHE WSOP Circuit event this past March and second in the $1,675 NLHE WSOP Circuit event last October, was able to survive even further. She got caught in the big blind looking for a miracle against Brian Green, but lost to a flopped full house to be sent to the rail in 26th place for $11,860. With that pot, Green now commands 1,150,000 chips. Seven-time WSOP bracelet winner Men “The Master” Nguyen is still going strong. He finished Day 1b on a high note with 467,000 chips after taking down a three-way pot. His pocket Aces met pocket Queens and an A-K combo that helped him secure a position going into the final action. He’s since dropped several key pots and only has about half that amount, but he has been known to stage comebacks before. WinStar had anticipated seeing at least 834 entries for the tournament.

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